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Website offering 5 page $500.00 for new customers

(There are no monthly maintenance fees)

We have found that more and more businesses are web experienced and wish to be in control of their own web site.  We can do the initial development for you. We will obtain your domain name and register it.  We will establish your domain name and site with a reputable hosting site that we currently use (which is owned by INTUIT, the creator of Quicken and Quick Books a very sound corporation).  We will then begin to develop the pages that you need for your site along with your input i.e. verbiage, images and logos.  

Our expertise is in the design and presentation of your site and the efficient use of space on each individual page.  

You will find our pricing to be extremely reasonable and flexible.  Once we have finished we will show you how to update the pages with images and verbiage that you may from time to time want to change.  This training is all inclusive.

We will also maintain the site in its entirety if you wish us to.(Additional charges will apply for this service).